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The Purpose of Plant Energetics

Restore Balanced Well-Being

Through the Plant-Human Connection


About Plant Energetics

Living beings whether human, animal, or vegetable are composed of energy; and while energy cannot be eliminated, it can be transformed.


All of us long for connection, to nature, to others, and most especially to our own, true and deepest understanding of ourselves.


Through the transformative possibilities of the plant-human connection Plant Energetics has the power to reach deep within and call us back home.

Garden Path
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How Does Plant Energetics Work?

With the trials, shocks, and challenges each of us face in our everyday lives, mental/emotional and physical blockages and misalignments arise in our energy body. This combined with the hectic pace of life in general serves to pull us further, and further from our own natural state of balanced well-being.


Which is why cultivating our connection to plants and nature is so important. The plant-human connection helps keep us grounded, balanced, and in touch with our true essential self.


Throughout history unique energy signatures inherent to each plant species have been known to indigenous cultures the world over. These 'Plant Spirits' as they are called are the elemental signature or collective consciousness specific to each plant species.


When 'Plant Spirits' are invited to connect with our energy and consciousness, in collaboration with our intent and commitment to our own personal well-being, an environment for healing takes place.

To receive the benefits of this process one doesn't need to be sensitive to inner seeing or knowing, or intellectually knowledgeable about plants or Nature. Coming to this work with an open heart and a desire to connect more fully with one's truest self is all that is necessary.

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