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Sanctuary Garden Through A Prism

My Approach

As a facilitator and practitioner my role is to serve as a conduit for the plant-human connection.

By mediating the conscious therapeutic properties of plants I support the ability of my clients to enhance their well-being on all levels, deepen self-awareness, and integrate a more complete connection to their true essential natures.

This can be done by participating in the group workshops and plant initiations I offer in the country on the land my husband and I steward in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, or through one-on-one 'Plant Spirit Healing' sessions either in person or long distance.


Participating in the workshops and plant initiations facilitates direct communication with and ingestion of the plants as fresh, tinctured, infusions, and flower essences from and in their natural setting.


This allows participants to receive the benefits directly through these encounters with each of the different plants of focus, and to deepen their connections and relationships with the 'Spirits' of these plants.  So that they may continue to work together in 

their plant-human connection to help restore balanced well-being gently with time.​


Arriving at this renewed place of personal balance and harmony may entail the 'Plant Sprits' working through you to strengthen or integrate your energy field, help you release old outdated patterns, relieve you of obstructions that may be holding you back in some way, or catalyze a new awareness of your path in life.

As a practitioner one-on-one I open and maintain a link between my inner awareness, my client's energy field and the plants. With the focus always on creating an environment for my client's energy anatomy to be restored at the physical, mental/emotional, and spirit levels to a more harmonious state.

During a private session with me your role as the client is to relax 

and receive the healing energy the 'Plant Spirits' offer.


As with indigenous shamanic medicine traditions, it is the practitioner's respecting and honoring of the plant allies that facilitates the reciprocal bonds required in this plant-human connection to transmit the healing gifts of 'Plant Spirit' to help you be guided and restored to your natural state of grace.

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