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Sanctuary Garden with Mandela
Denise Beamish
Denise Bemish

With my first career in professional theatre followed by a Master of Business Administration I've spent over thirty years as a communications specialist working with others to help them better express and share their artistic, cultural, and corporate visions. Excellence in communication is my passion, and in 2010 I began a healing practice that has evolved with time into what I now call Plant Energetics.


In this domain I explore and work with the fundamental elements of communication on a more intimate and personal level with my clients. I believe communication at this level to be vital to our well-being, and through my approach is especially focused on the restorative power of the plant-human connection. 


My journey into a healing practice began as so many do with the pursuit of my own healing. This I did through the study of a wide range of modalities and approaches all of which continue to serve me in my work today. I appreciate the generosity and lessons shared by my many teachers and the practitioners who helped me move closer to and learn to express my truest self.


Key among these have been my Shamanic studies and tutoring in 'Plant Sprit' healing techniques with Liddy Flewwelling, who has worked with the healing power of plants for over 18 years in her holistic healing practice. Another influential teacher of note is Pam Montgomery, the world renowned Plant Spirit Healer, with whom I completed my Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship in 2016.

Above all in this work I do, I acknowledge the ongoing lessons and teaching I receive from the plants. I greatly appreciate their gracious willingness to work with me and through me to help communicate and share their generous gifts with others.  

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