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Garden Path

Treat Yourself & Join Us

The Plants Welcome You!

As Spring Blossoms and Summer Warmth Arrive We Look Forward to Sharing the Healing Wisdom of the Plants with You! 


Please mark these dates in your calendar and consider joining us for one or more of our workshops. If you’d like to register

now please contact me. There is a discount for those taking two or more workshops.

Lineage Healing with White Cedar - Saturday, May 18th 

All of us carry patterns passed down from our family of origin. Tapping in to the wisdom of White Cedar as a lineage healer, you will be guided to identify these issues, and be supported to cut away the dense energy cords that keep you reliving these patterns. This will enable you to create a new vibration and a new vision, and set you on a path of healing and wholeness, not only for yourself, but for the generations to come.


Opening Your Heart to Wild Strawberry - Saturday, June 22nd

Wonder, awe, and joy, open and connect us to our true essential nature. When our hearts are open and full we connect more readily with ourselves, with each other, and with the natural abundance of life. Spending the day in the company of Wild Strawberry as your ally is a sure way to become more skilled at receiving these gifts, and will help you take a leap toward becoming more of who you truly want to be.


How to Prepare Flower Essences & Floral Waters - Saturday, July 20th

Plants are a very accessible avenue to the natural world that support healing on all levels. Treat yourself to a day in the country learning how to prepare flower essences and floral waters. Co-creating with the flowers in bloom in July you will connect with one particular plant and prepare a Flower Essence imbued with its very Spirit. This workshop also offers you the opportunity to prepare a Floral Water in honor of another’s Sacred Dream, and have one prepared for yours in return!


Connect with Artemisia for Dreaming, Protection, and Balance  - Saturday, August 10th

Artemisia Vulgaris (or Mugwort, as this wise plant ally is commonly known) is one of the most powerful healers of the plant kingdom! Artemisia has many healing gifts to offer. It strengthens and protects your energy field, brings balance and harmony to your spine and nervous system, and supports you to vision and dream-in your deepest heart’s desire.


Sacred Basil Guided Green Breath - Saturday, September 14th  

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to work with the Spirit of Sacred Basil and the power of the breath to experience deep transformation and self-discovery. Sacred Basil is an adaptogen that helps us navigate difficult transitions. In addition the Spirit of Sacred Basil is especially helpful in clearing past life issues that impact us from the unconscious levels. Whether you’ve done Green Breath before, or simply wish to explore it for the first time, this is an opportunity for spontaneous healing to occur!

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